We invite speakers

Dear colleagues, we are actively looking for interesting, colorful and inspiring experts that are ready to share their knowledge and experiences with colleagues.

If You held a professional ready to talk about their approaches and best practices in the field of their specialization, to uncover the secrets of his skill, we will be glad to see You among our speakers.

Traditionally, our events characterized by high quality content that is relevant and unique. It is important to reflect in Your presentation, the duration of which should be 20-25 minutes.

We will provide any support during the preparation of the speech, including the possibility of individual presentation coaching.

If You are ready to become a speaker for our conferences, please see information about our experience with the speakers.

  1. Read more view the conference program and select the session in which You are ready to act.

  2. Fill out our application form on the performance, which provide key information in Your speech:

    • Specify the event you want to participate in.

    • Suggest a title and theme of his report in accordance with the selected session.

    • Expand Your proposed topic, outlining the key points and a vision of the structure of Your future presentations and justifying the usefulness and the significance of each thesis to a targeted audience.

    • Tell us about yourself and your professional achievements, do not forget to leave detailed contact information.

  3. After receipt of Your proposal it will be forwarded for consideration by the expert Council of the conference.&After their decisions (within 2 weeks of receipt of Your letter) we will notify You of the results.

We welcome Your suggestions to make our conference a memorable and vibrant industry event.

Send your photo and ask questions to the producers of the conference.

Guidelines for the preparation of the report and presentation

The Success of Your presentation is part of the success of the whole conference. Some of our speakers expressed a desire to receive recommendations for the preparation of the report and presentation. We made a short list of considerations which will make Your report interesting to the public.

These recommendations are based on years of experience, the company infor-media Russia for the organization and holding of conferences, the reviews of the previous participants, boards speakers and presenters conferences. We hope You will find these recommendations useful and please contact us if You have questions or comments.

A successful performance!

Before the conference

  • Please send us a report and presentation in advance to ensure that we were able to print it out and put it in a folder. To the moderator of the conference could more competently facilitate a discussion on the topic of Your report, please also prepare a 1-2 question at the presentation, You could ask the moderator at the end of Your speech.

  • In the preparation of presentations follow the logic of the report and the presentation. Participants expect to hear about everything that is stated in the materials received by them.

  • Please let us know if You need specific equipment or programs  to broadcast Your presentation.

  • It is very important to meet with the Premier conference to receive brief information on the conference and technical training Your presentation. If You can't attend from the beginning of the conference, we ask You to come to the conference at least half an hour before the show.

Report and presentation

  • Please describe Your business briefly, so that the participants got an idea of the kind of your activity, the size of the company and its structure. If you describe the case, the report, of course, will be based on Your company, but remember that the sales pitch often have a negative impact on participants.

  • Use as many practical examples from Your own experience, experience of Your company or Your colleagues. The report is built on practical examples, the most interesting audience.

  • To engage the audience in discussion, contact directly to the audience, ask questions to confirm their  promises and insights.

  • The effectiveness of the presentation  we suggest to include no more than 10-15 slides. The format of the slide is 16:9. Avoid information glut. All participants must see the slides, the text should be large enough and contrasting, legible from a distance of 10 meters. We recommend to put from 4 to 6 lines per slide and from 4 to 6 words to a line. For readability of the slides from a distance we suggest to use the slides in portrait format. Avoid yellow and pink colors in presentations, since they complicate the reading.

  • The time for presentations is 20 minutes. Please do not exceed time stated on Your report. 5 minutes reserved for questions and comments. You can also pre-notify the host about what questions can be asked during Your presentation. 

Memo exposed

Ask question

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